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Previous Work
Manufacturing Query System

Manfacturing Query System for Big Data

Internal KPI and Search System


For this project, I was tasked with being the UX Architect on an internal dashboard. Our client had an outdated system of inputing and searching for key performance indicators and metrics that were collected at manufacturing sites around the world. Our design team was tasked with the creation of this dashboard system, and I specifically was tasked with drilling down through these graphs in a logical search pattern to find metrics that were valuable to users.

These mockups were made in Adobe Illustrator, which were eventually made into a clickable prototype in Adobe XD. Because this was internal client work I have stripped all visual stylings and client information, and input mock data/graphs/names where it is necessary. The dashboard can be broken up into six logical areas: Personal Dashboard, Search Patterns, Metric Drill Downs, Threaded Alerts, Report Views, and Module Definition.

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Healthcare Portal

Web Portal for Healthcare

Sandbox Application for Filing Claims


For this project, I was tasked with being the UI/UX Designer on an client-facing dashboard system. I was in charge of working with key stakeholders to create a seamless user experience and user interface for a high volume of data entry.

During the duration of this project I was tasked with the creation of both low and high fidelity wireframes within Axure RP 8, and implementing a brand-approved style guide. These screens had the intent purpose of allowing new and grandfathered internal users to easily navigate contracts in a sandbox environment without having to memorize a specific workflow.

Interactive Mockup
Consumer Platfom

Reconstruction of Web and Mobile Platform

Keeping a Customer Engaged


For this project I assisted in the redesign and development of a new blog template using different open-sourced softwares such as Grav and Twig. I enhanced the usability and user experience design for their entire website, including trust markers for web checkout, affordances and constraints for navigating the website, and forming a logical information architecture. My daily responsibilities included the daily creation of different CSS and Javascript transitions, a keen sense for modern design and user experience, and understanding usability and problem solving techniques. My redesign of Bloomington Tutor’s blog was important, as their blog brought in a lot of potential customers to their tutoring service.

Live Web | Mobile Site
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