Speaking Engagements


Augmented World Expo (AWE), "How to Design Connected Realities in Spatial Computing By Flipping Pancakes"

This session is a deep dive into designing AR-based experiences on both 2D (iOS) screens and 3D (Magic Leap One) devices, as well as best practices for shared multi-user presence. I will be focusing the talk on the benefits of designing a flexible product, and the struggles with combining 2D and 3D user interfaces.

Game Developers Conference (GDC), "XR R&D: From the Frontlines"

Cancelled due to COVID-19. A micro-talk series in the VRDC component of GDC on the topic of designing spatial computing experiences. My presentation was specifically using Magic Leap Studios' Pancake Pal's Project to speak on my experience designing multi-user cross-platform applications.

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Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), "The Revolution of Spatial Computing: Emerging Design Frontiers in VR/AR"

This presentation was on the new frontiers of Spatial Computing, with the goal of making an approachable introduction to 2D designers and engineers. My main points of focus were on Object Integrity, Multi-User Experiences, and Accessibility & Flexibility.

Siggraph Spotlight, "Evolution of AR"

A podcast group conversation with Kent Bye (Voices of VR), Paul Reynolds (CEO and co-founder, Torch 3d Inc.), and myself. Our group chatted about the past, present, and future of augmented reality, shedding light on new ways to utilize the technology, including accessibility, experiential design, and storytelling.


AWE Night Chicago, "Designing for Magic Leap ML1"


A presentation on the basic understandings of how to design for a spatial augmented device, leveraging the learnings from my work on the Spatiate project.

Leapcon Magic Leap Conference, "Magic Leap Creators Meet"

A roundtable discussion for the few independent developers who had created content for the newly launched Magic Leap One device. We spoke as a group on what it was like making spatial augmented content, and how we each brought our individual backgrounds into the nascent industry.

VR/AR Chicago, "VR & AR Games & Game Development"

A panel discussion focused on answering audience questions of designing and developing VR/AR content, with a specific focus on games.