01 Background

I have spent the last several years involved in the concept of how Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Immersive Computing are combined together. My dive into Virtual and Augmented Reality has made me appreciate the vast affordances technology has to offer humankind.

As I entered this industry, I slowly but surely I realized my real passion was a combination of software development, digital design, and innovative technologies. I find myself drawn recently to an amalgamation of human input research (haptics, voice, BCIs, etc) and integrating those inputs within physical environment and mechanical object responses.


02 Philosophy

Humans are multifaceted, intersectional, and complex beings. Our technology should be the same way. Virtual and Augmented Reality affords us the opportunity to bridge the gaps of current flat design and create a spatial environment around us. Conversely, we have the opportunity and the responsibility for that new technology to be flexible and accessible by all humankind.


03 Contact

I hope you enjoy what you find here! All views are my own. If you’d like to contact me further regarding my availability or work you may email me at